Cuisinart ICE-45 Mix It In Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-45Cuisinart ice 45 is more than good at making ice creams and can also make professional quality sorbet and yogurt. This state of the art Technology doesn’t only make these favorites of people but also makes them very delicious because of the help of 3 built in condiment dispenser. Just click and you can send down chips and other mixings, including sprinkles way down the chute and get it mixed right into the frozen desserts or the bowls which are already filled. Cuisinart ICE 45 has an operation system which is fully automatic. The only thing that you need to do is simply pour in the ingredients and press the tabs.


  1. Easy Lock Plate: The Cuisinart ice 45 has a lid which can be removed and locked easily due to its feature of the easy lock plate which makes it very easy to do your work. It allows you to pour ingredients without much hustle straight from the top and lets you watch the freezing process. It also mixes the ingredients and creates them in the freezer bowl and allows you to create a smooth soft ice cream.
  2. Dispensing Bracket: It effectively dispenses the ice cream when the handle is lowered because of his dispensing bracket.
  3. Rubber grip at the bottom: The easy to use Cuisinart ice 45 is removable for easy cleaning. It also has a rubber fit that doesn’t allow it to slip while it’s in stationary use.
  4. Double wall insulation: The 11 by 2-quart freezer bowl contains a super cooling liquid which is insulated in a double wall and helps you create a cool environment which can restore freezing points for your work. The double insulated wall keeps it really cool even at high temperatures.
  5. One button is used: It also has a 3 condiment container which dispenses all your mix since as you would prefer. You won’t have to face the trouble of keeping extra ice cream cones in your hand because it can conveniently hold a whole lot of extra ice cream cones. Not only that, but it can hold both the pointed cones and the flat cones. It is fully automatic.
  6. Removable drip tray for easy cleaning: Equipped with removable drip tray which can be easily removed helps you in the process of cleaning and makes cleaning easier. It is very handy to use and there are many instructions like a dot in the center which gives you an easy guide about where the ice cream cones have to be placed.


  1. Easy cleaning.
  2. Double insulation for super fast cooling.
  3. Almost fully automatic
  4. Easy to use


  1. Less mobility.
  2. Too thin ice cream


The Cuisinart ICE 45 is really easy to use and is one of the best products in its price range. It is very effective and fast and if you are looking for a product with this many features in a $100 budget, Cuisinart will save you a lot of bucks and give you much better results.

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