Cuisinart ICE-30BC Ice Cream Maker

Cuisinart ICE-30BCCuisinart ICE-30 BC comes in an attractive stainless steel body with an embossed logo. It comes together with a Ben Jerry’s ice cream recipe book. You can try out all the different recipes from the book and also try out some of your own. The machine has a large spout which makes it easier to add the ingredients without creating a mess. The mixing bowl and the paddle are removable, which makes the cleaning up a lot easier.

This ice cream maker can blend 2 quarts at a time and takes 25 minutes from starting to end. So if you invest in this Cuisinart ice cream maker, you will be whipping all your favorite desserts right at home in just 25 minutes. In the long run, this can be immensely helpful in cutting down the expenses over store ice creams. The mixing bowl is double insulated so that your treat does not get cold while it is churning. The machine also uses a heavy duty blender, which can efficiently chop up all sorts of fruits, nuts, cookies and chocolate chips. All you have to do is put the ingredients inside and start the motor. After 25 minutes, your delicious soft dessert will be ready to savor. This machine can be used to prepare not only ice creams, but also frozen yogurt and sorbets.
Price – 64.23 dollars


  1. Color – silver, and red
  2. Dimension – 11” by 16” by 11”
  3. Weight – 12 pounds
  4. The machine is fully automatic. It stops by itself after the ice cream has reached the right consistency.
  5. The machine uses a mixing arm instead of blades. This allows not only the mixing, but also aeration of the contents.
  6. Comes with a transparent, easy to lock lid. You can watch as the contents get mixed and frozen.
  7. Comes with a non-slip rubber base. You can place it anywhere without causing damage to the surface or the risk of the machine getting toppled over.
  8. When not used, the cord can be recoiled and stuffed into the base of the machine. This allows for neat storage.
  9. Double insulated freezer bowl ensures quick and even freezing.


  1. No need to manually whip up the mixture after getting it off the machine
  2. Sleek finish and therefore beautifies your kitchen
  3. Although it is not entirely noiseless, it does not create annoying levels of noise like the old ice cream makers


  1. The freezer temperature is not low enough. This problem can be resolved to some extent by putting the freezer bowl inside the deep freeze prior to use.
  2. The ice cream that comes out of the machine has a very soft consistency, much like soft serve ice cream. To give it the consistency like that of a store-bought ice cream, you have to first put it in an airtight container and put in deep freeze.
  3. The machine heats up a lot during churning, causing the bowl to unfreeze.


The sturdy build of the machine ensures durability. It is very easy to clean and requires little or no maintenance. It looks great on kitchen counters. However, it may not be the perfect thing if you are looking for something to save time. Regardless of other things, it still gives you great ice cream with the perfect consistency.

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