Cuisinart ICE-100 Ice Cream and Gelato Maker

Sometimes all you need is ice cream. After a hot and humid day, you look for a refreshment to take away all your pain and stress and there is nothing better than an ice cream in doing so. The Cuisinart ICE-100 like its predecessors lives up to its name in the ice cream making process.

 Cuisinart ICE-100Features:

  1. It has a completely programmed interface with a high quality compressor that helps you make really delicious ice creams. The 1 quart ice cream bowl limit gives it an extra edge over other ice cream making machines.
  2. This art of the state technology has two paddles which help it make variations of density for ice creams – one gelato paddle to make legitimate frozen yogurt and gelato paddle to make velvety dessert.
  3. It also has an hour long clock and it comes with a control panel and an LCD display readout which also make it’s stylish but is also effective for ease and control.
  4. The keep cool component keeps your gelato and frozen yogurt chill even after the process is complete but only for 10 minutes.
  5. It is made of a steel body, which makes it durable for the time to come, but still, manages to be under 32 lbs making it not too bulky.


  1. This ice cream maker is one of the best ice cream making machines ever made. The ice cream at Gelato makes excellent ice cream that is very smooth and creamy and also has the desired amount of density that makes an ice cream special.
  2. This ice cream maker is one of the simplex devices. The simple interface makes it extremely easy for people to control it and have their favorite cold yogurt made.
  3. This ice cream maker is also very fast. It can make ice creams faster than most other ice cream making machines.
  4. The easy pour spout makes it easy for adding other elements like choco chips and sprinkles or even nuts in the ice cream making process.
  5. It also comes with a wide range of recipes that can help you make delicious delicacies using the product.
  6. It is very durable unlike the other ice cream making machines and is cost effective because of its minimal depreciation.


  1. This ice cream maker has a serious drawback. Many users claim which is now said to be a fact is that the residue builds up on the drive gear which is located below the freezer bowl. It happens when the freezer bowl is sent in a top full of Soapy water. While doing so a portion of the diluted ice cream passes through the plastic seal at the below of the bowl via the two small holes that are present in the machine. With the advent of time, the dual diluted ice cream mix which passed through the two holes become very hard and cause an unpleasant smell.
  2. The price of this product is way more than other ice cream making products which give it a major drawback.


You should definitely buy this product if you are looking for a more durable product with excellent quality ice cream. The engineering and thinking behind this product is out of the world and the easy interface and high speed make it one of the favorites of must have in your kitchen items.

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